everyone deserves
a first chance in life.

Build a roof for Guatemalan youths

Through your donation you will be helping thousands of Guatemalans in their fight against gang-organised crime, drug addiction, violence and murder. We thank you on behalf of every person who will benefit from your generous donation. Every little bit counts.

Since we share the same love for sports, physical activity and total inclusion and this is clearly visible through the organization of the Teamsport Gozo Half Marathon, we decided to expand this love to reach those who are not as fortunate as we are.


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The Story

Sport is much more than a luxurious form of entertainment for the celebrated few. Anyone who realized and harnessed the ginormous potential of any sport has always benefitted greatly and apart from being a human right, sport leads individuals of all ages towards a healthier and more fulfilling life.

Apart from the obvious physical and mental benefits, sport leads towards sustainable human and economic development, the gradual creation of peaceful inclusion and the base of spectacular global events, many wholeheartedly enjoy and follow. All this, has led for the start of many global projects which aim to merge sport and education as the perfect counteractions to poverty, hunger, and disease, especially in less developed nations.

Watch why this project is needed, directly from the mouths of the much-affected Guatemalan youths.

About the Organiser

Presently, the Gozo Half Marathon has evolved into one of the main sporting events in Gozo and one of the most craved marathons in the Maltese Islands. It is successfully coordinated by a group of youths coming from the Xaghra Youth Centre, each having their own responsibility within the organising committee. Very recent accomplishments include the three-star Certification award from ‘European Athletics’, which eventually resulted in the exclusive invite to participate in the first ever European Running Business Conference, which took place in Frankfurt, Germany.

Although this a very honouring achievement, which does proud our main cause of creating a new running mentality within the Maltese Islands, we have decided to create another dimension to our work. By combining our love for sport and everything voluntary, we have decided to help one of Fr. Anton Grech’s missions in Guatemala through the direct hands-on approach and through the collection of the much-needed funds.

The Team

Help us help thousands of Guatemalan youths obtain their first chance in life